2014 YEAR BOOK 二零一四年德明校刊



在今年的国庆,我校杰出校友再度为校争光。去年当上宗乡会馆联合总会会长的蔡天宝荣膺我国总统颁赐国庆日最高荣誉“殊功勋章DUBC”。 第一家集团董事主席魏成辉荣膺我国总统颁赐“公共服务星章(勋条)BBM(L)”。
校友会前会长郑来发,于八月间发表新书“发人深思集“发布会时, 现场三千本全部卖完,凑得四万五千元,全数捐献“新加坡慈济基金会”,这又是德明人回馈社会的善举。


• 10/11/13 – 连同慈善团体“清一阁”主办“携带儿童户外游”,带领25名来自儿童院的小朋友到环球影城一日游。
• 04/02/14 - 新春团拜。于港湾万兴酒楼设宴五席,校友们,符校长与多位前校长,副校长们一同迎春庆新年。
• 09/02/14 - 校友会参与了麦波申基层所主办的敬老尊贤新春日。这项义举已成功主办了二十多年。让年长的居民也能分享春节喜庆,感受到人间处处有温情。
• 23/03/14 - 召开常年大会及遴选新一届(第十六届)理事会成员。
• 05~06/07/14 - 康乐组主办两天一夜龟咯渔村游。共有48位校友及亲属参与了这次的活动。
• 17/07/14 - 校友讲座 - “The Way Forward: The Future of Agriculture”,由校友会理事林道文回母校给予高中班学生课余讲座,让学生们对于将来会面对的企业生态有更深一层的了解。
• 19/07/14 - 参与了青年团的“回家走走2014”。
• 04/09/14 - 参与了于天满楼的教师节晚宴。

• 声乐班每逢星期三7.30pm举办民族美声班。
• 每逢星期四8pm假母校举办杨氏太极健身班。
• 每逢星期六下午至晚上,星期日上午至晚上,允许校友租借体育馆。
• 与邻国泰国”罗勇”中学做常年学术与文化交流。

Committee 校友会2014~2016届理事合照

Kukup 校友会龟咯渔村游

USS 环球影城

TALK 校友讲座


The Youth Alumni has been actively involving in helping the juniors for preparation into senior high as well as university.

Youth Alumni Support for DHS Scholarship & Higher Education Committee

· CSHE Day – 16 May 2014

o Sharing with the Year 4s

o Event support (facilitation and transcription)

· Senior High Learning Festival – 9 July 2014

o Panel debate

o Informal mingling session over dinner

· University World Café – 12 August 2014

o D’Hot Seat (‘grilling’ session)

o ‘Context’ sharing (subjects, by country)

o Informal networking session with juniors
Youth Alumni Overseas Service learning trip to Cambodia (Team DAISY) · Last trip in December 2013
· Upcoming trip in December 2014

Youth Alumni UK Branch
· Numerous meet-ups, social gatherings, festivals all year round

Youth Alumni China Branch
· Meet-ups with visiting DHS teachers and students in November 2013

Youth Alumni Homing Coming – 21 July 2014
Fantastic atmosphere, great food and good-old company! What more could you ask for? The Dunman High School Youth Alumni (DHSYA) had her annual Youth Alumni Homecoming on Saturday, 19th July 2014, at the Dunman High School basketball courts. In line with tradition, a mega barbeque session was arranged for ex-Dunmanians and teachers, young and old (even those with kids!), to come together to relive the good old times. As the sun went down, the atmosphere grew even livelier and over 200 alumnus crowded around the barbeque pits in groups and had their hands at getting the fire started and barbequing the food. Our principal, Dr Foo Suan Fong, gave the Opening Address, after which energetic emcees entertained the crowd to mark the beginning of the Homecoming.
Soon after, the school grounds were filled with resounding chatter and the aroma of barbequed food. It was indeed heartwarming to witness Dunmanians, many of whom have already moved on to university or working life, reconnecting with one another!
The night was rounded up near midnight, with many helping out voluntarily with the clearing up of the courts and returning of canteen equipments. All in all, the YA Homecoming 2014 was a resounding success that left Dunmanians with satisfied stomachs, and more importantly, happy hearts. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing more back for fun and laughter at the Homecoming in 2015!

UK2 UK Branch

China2 Met with Teachers and Juniors in China

Homecoming2 Home Coming 2014